Columbus, OH Goodwill Partners with New E-Waste Recycler

Columbus, OH Goodwill Partners with New E-Waste Recycler

The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) has created a new E-Waste Diversion Program that will partner with local communities to provide environmentally friendly disposal options for e-waste.

As the result of a completive bidding process, SWACO has selected Goodwill Columbus (OH) as a preferred e-waste collection community organizer for Franklin County. SWACO cited Goodwill’s dedication to recycling e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner and the agency’s proper recycling practices as rationales for their decision.

“We are delighted to expand our e-waste recycling program in Columbus through this partnership with SWACO, and are honored to be selected to participate in this vitally important sustainability effort,” said Goodwill Columbus President and CEO Margie Pizzuti. “Last year Goodwill helped divert more than 1 million pounds of e-waste from landfills through grassroots, community-based drives, and we are eager to assist Franklin County citizens to dispose of their e-waste responsibly, as a preferred SWACO partner. Goodwill has a longstanding history as a ‘recycling powerhouse,’ last year diverting 7.5 million pounds of waste from landfills through our donated goods retail stores, attended donation centers and other recycling efforts.”

The partnership will provide an additional level of service and help to safeguard the health of Franklin County residents and the natural environment. The success of this new program will be measured on the number of district communities and government entities that elect to participate, in addition to the amount of e-waste removed from the solid waste stream.

In addition to helping mitigate the severe environmental damage that occurs when electronics are improperly disposed of, Goodwill provides further benefits to the community by utilizing recycling profits to support workforce development programs and provide jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers.

“Goodwill is good for our planet and great for our clients with disabilities and other barriers,” said Pizzuti. “Goodwill helps transform lives by providing pathways to independence through the power of work.”

According to the Institute for Local Self Reliance, recycling generates economic activity and creates 10 jobs for every one job at a landfill.

“SWACO is focused on creating common sense approaches to increasing recycling and diversion that benefit the families, residents, businesses and government partners in our District,” said Ty Marsh, SWACO’s Executive Director.  “Increasing e-waste recycling is one way we’re being innovative to generate economic activity and create jobs in an already thriving industry.”

Participation in the program provides the 41 eligible local communities as well and school districts in Franklin County with cost-effective solutions to their e-waste disposal needs.