Goodwill Columbus expands training programs with newest center on Brice Road

The city’s third and largest Goodwill job training center opened Thursday morning on Brice Road, as the Columbus branch of thrift stores seeks to expand its training offerings.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine attended the opening to announce a new partnership. DeWine hopes to expand broadband and high-speed internet access to underserved Ohioans. Goodwill will now offer free training for people hoping to get into the broadband and 5G workforce.

“It’s estimated we’re going to need another 32,000 new jobs in regard to broadband. We’re really pushing money out, we’re pushing resources out to take broadband all over the state of Ohio.” he said. “You have to have people to do that.”

The job training center on Brice Road will offer classes covering the fundamentals of broadband, electrical and fiber connections, helping trainees get jobs at telecommunications companies or their suppliers and contractors.

The training centers are symbiotic: they help companies find employees and help prospective employees find stable jobs. Both the governor and the CEO of Goodwill Columbus Ryan Burgess said they are excited to build on the training center with this partnership.

“I think his administration is very much focused on workforce development. There’s a lot of energy, a lot of momentum with the economy here in central Ohio, but employers are looking for good employees and we want Goodwill to be one of those providers,” said Burgess.